GSV2 Introduction

Ghost Supply will now be split into 2 brands.

GS & GSV2.

GS will now only express what lives in my head. The emotions I feel everyday will be expressed between these pieces now. This will be the true vision of what I originally wanted Ghost Supply to be. All pieces from GS drops will be cut n sewn personality pieces. No products under GS will be released unless it 100% expresses me (LeftGhost).


GSV2 will remain similar to what Ghost Supply was (2017-2021) However everything from those years will be brought back in a bigger and better way. September 23 will mark the first month of the GSV2 Magazine which will be launched with my friends and favorite music artists in every issue once a month for 1 huge collaboration. In GSV2 I am also proud to present that we will also launch New and Original Mangas, Exclusive Gear, Figurines an Animated Series & Games that will tell the stories of your favorite artists & musicians. You will also learn the lore of the brands characters while getting to know Leftghost a lot more. Last but not least every issue will feature special deals and upcoming collabs and pieces.

Thank You For Reading And Get Ready For This Impact On The Culture.